Our 4 lane track with a separate variable power supply to each lane was built and assembled by Lars Harrysson around 15 years ago. It has undergone a couple of changes in that time with a couple of new sections added around 5 years ago, one was again made by Lars, and a new section to smooth out a corner going under the bridge was designed and fitted by that well known track maestro Lee Parsons. These minor but worthwhile changes made the track a little easier to both drive and marshal.

As with so many club tracks we are limited by space so we have tried to get as much track into the space we have. Lap length is 123 feet fully braided and colour coded all the way round.

We have recently spent time adding new carpet to the floor and have re painted the entire clubroom. We also have a kitchen for tea/coffee etc and we even have toilets for both ladies and gents too! Hot and cold food and drinks will be available on the day although you are welcome to bring your own.

Parking is not an issue as we have free parking on the grass outside for more than enough cars at any meeting, although the grass can get a bit damp during the rainy season! There is also a pub a short walk across the main road.
The Track imageThe Track imageThe Track image