Do i need to bring anything other than my controller?

You will only need your controller and maybe your lunch, no boxes will be allowed in the club house as you will not need them! Pit space will be allocated to sponsors only. 

How much racing will we get on the day?

A full race schedule is now being prepared for the day, and our aim will be to give everyone as much racing as possible within the time limits. There will be qualifying, plus heats and finals and if all goes to plan we may also run some consolation races as well, but our aim is to give everyone as much race time as is possible. 

How much is the entry fee for the day?

Entry fee for the day is £20 and 100% of this money will go directly to the charity. We have added a link to the GoFundMe charity page for payment, so that if you are a tax payer then the charity will receive the tax you would have paid on that amount via Gift Aid, so helping to push the amount up even  further.

What times are start and finish?

Doors will open on the day at 9am for driver entry with a driver briefing at 9.50. Racing will start at 10am and finish by 6pm at the latest. Final timings will all depend on numbers on the day, but our timetable will be planned around fitting as much racing into that schedule as possible. We will also have a half hour lunch as well. By having only advance booking it allows us arrange much of the racing before the event starts. 

Is my place guaranteed on the day?

If you have paid your entry fee either via the site or direct to us, then your race place on the day is guaranteed. If you have requested a 'reserve' place, then your entry is not guaranteed on the day, although we have made provision for those 'reserve' places to take any place for any driver that does not arrive by 9.30pm. Because we have taken advance bookings for places months in advance we do expect that some drivers will not be able to attend as they may well have booked a holiday etc, that is why have the 'reserve' places.

Will you be serving food on the day?

Yes. We have a kitchen and will be offering a hot and cold drinks, plus the usual snacks, crisps and sweets etc, and will will also be offering a limited range of hot items as well. But if you want to bring your own food, then that is fine.

I have not pre booked, will i be able to attend and race on the day?

Unless you have pre booked then we cannot guarantee any race place on the day. However, there will always be some drivers who have paid but may not be able to attend, and those places will be offered to those drivers who names the 'reserve' list and turn up on the day. There will only be a limited number of these 'reserve' places available and we suggest that if you have any intention of attending then you should get your name on that list now. If any driver should confirm that they cannot attend before the day, then their place will be offered to the first on the 'reserve' list.

We will do our best to accept any late entries on the day, but this cannot be guaranteed as priority will be given to those on the reserve list first. So if you have any interest in driving on the day, then please get your name on the list now! Just call Garry on 01634 830062

I have a question, can i call someone?

Yes of course. You can call Garry on 01634 830062 during office hours if you have any questions regarding the event.

Can i attend before the day and get some practice?

You are welcome to attend any of our club nights (Thursdays) at any time up to race day. In addition, we intend to open on the Saturday as well for organised practice too. Full details of this will be made available near the day.

What prizes do you have for winners?

At the BOAC 500 all drivers will be winners! We are being supported by a number of companies, firstly by the two that are providing the funds to cover the cost of the the days racing,  and

Then we have support from Richard Mack who has very kindly agreed to supply some chassis as prizes. Both Dave Harvey at Won-O-Won and Ian at Betta Bodies have offered a nice bundle of gift vouchers as prizes, and Missile have made a direct contribution to the charity. Eddie Macdonald is also painting the 8 bodies (4 spare!) for the race and has donated 2 ready painted 1/32 bodies as prizes too. The best model shop in the country Modelworld has given us a nice stack of various tools etc as prizes too.

In addition we have a number of family tickets for various attractions in the south east, plus some slot related products donated by some of our tech minded club members. And of course we have the two Ferrari related prizes as well.

Do you have car parking?

Yes, we have plenty of free car parking right outside the clubroom. It is on grass, which can get a little muddy at times but only when it has been very wet. There are a few steps up to the clubroom.