Do i need to bring anything other than my controller?

You will only need your controller and maybe your lunch, no boxes will be allowed in the club house as you will not need them! Pit space will be allocated to sponsors only. Tea, coffee, soft drinks and cakes will also be available on the day.

How much racing will we get on the day?

A full race schedule will be made once we know exactly how many will be attending, but everyone will get to practice and qualify on each of the 4 lanes, then on at least 2 lanes for the heats to qualify you for the semis etc. Dependant on numbers we may also run some consolation races as well, but our aim is to give everyone as much race time as is possible. 

How much is the entry fee for the day?

Entry fee for the day is £20 and 100% of this money will go directly to the charity. We have added a link to the GoFundMe charity page for payment, so that if you are a tax payer then the charity will receive the tax you would have paid on that amount, so helping to push the amount up even  further.

What times are start and finish?

We expect to start the racing at 10am at the latest and finish by 5.30pm. This will all depend on numbers of course, but our timetable we be planned around fitting as much racing into that schedule as possible. We will also have a half hour lunch as well. By having only advance booking it allows us arrange much of the racing before the event starts.