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BOAC 500 Ferrari Owners Club Event

The BOAC 500 The race day will start with practice at 10am and racing starting around 11am. All drivers will be given instruction on driving and team tactics by their club team leader, and will be given plenty of practice track time on each of the 4 lanes. This is a PRE ENTRY race only as this allows us to arrange the qualifying and the racing before the event so saving time on the day. Each team must consist of 4 drivers, with the option of being able to use your club driver. We have a number of past National champions at the club who are guaranteed to be capable of fast times! It will be up to each team to decide team tactics and who races when etc. The club driver will be there for you all the way through and you will have the option of using his driving skills although there may be a penalty to pay! There are no age limits etc so each team can be made up however you decide, as long as its 4 people. Each team can be young or old, large or small, male or female its entirely up to you. 100% of the entry fees plus any monies raised on the day via any raffle etc will go directly to the charity. Depending on numbers, and these will be limited, every entrant will get to practice on each of the 4 lanes, plus qualifying rounds which will help to grade drivers, and then the finals.

  • Date: 01/04/2026 12:08 PM
  • Location: High Street, Bletchingley, Redhill RH1 4PE, UK (Map)