The Prizes!

The Prizes!
We have been able to get some fabulous prizes for the event, and fully expect every entrant to go away with something of real value and not just a worthless plastic trophy! There is a trophy for the days winner of course, and we hope to have some kind of award for all those who finish high in each final etc, and they wont be made of plastic!

We can now reveal two fabulous prizes that have been donated by the Ferrari Owners Club of Kent. The first one we will keep secret for now and you will understand why later, but the second one is an experience for two people, so we will work out some kind of team race for this prize. The team prize will need to be based around the racing that we have arranged for the day, rather than a separate team event. So what is most likely is that drivers will simply team up with another driver (perhaps one home and one away driver) and their total combined laps for the day will be taken as their score, highest score wins, but we are open to suggestions for this so if you have any ideas do please let us know.

The prize is for two people (and you can bring wife/girlriend/husband/friend) and you will get to be a passenger in a full race prepared Ferrari 488 Challenge at race speed at either Brands Hatch or Silverstone (subject of course to weather etc), and in both cases this will be on the full circuit. You will of course be given race overalls and helmet to wear (with intercom to the driver) and will experince what its like to be driven on a race circuit at race speeds in a car capable of over 200mph and with almost 700 hp behind you! If you have never experienced being driven at speed on a circuit in a race car before, then you are in for a very exciting day.

There will be other prizes as well, but rather than list a few items now we will wait until we know exactly what we have, but we are sure you will not go home disappointed after the days racing.